What is the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things

the internet of things and domain names

The Internet of Things and Services and it’s effect on Domain Names

Recently the DomFind Team has been hearing a new term thrown around lately.  The term is, the “Internet of Things” and sometimes expanded to the “Internet of Things and Services.”

It sounded so interesting we knew we need to do some investigatory work to find out what it is meant by the term and how it relates back into domain names, which is the key focus of our company.

What is the Internet of Things?

The term Internet of things refers to the connectivity of people to objects and objects to objects all through the internet.

Dr. Stefan Ferber of Bosch Software Innovations, writing for the Harvard Business Review states that by the year 2015, not only will 75% of the world’s people be connected to the internet by smart phones, computers and other devices, but an additional six billion objects or “things” will be as well.

This worldwide connection of people and objects is the “Internet of Things.”

Basically when you’re reaching for your iPhone to turn on your hot tub from inside the house, turning on your heat or air conditioner from work, turning on your lights before you get home, this is all part of the Internet of Things.

In the future we’re going to be more connected with more people and even more things.

How will this effect domain names? 

With more and more people going on line, more and more people will be needing domain names whatever it is they’re doing.  We might see that some of these objects or “things” will need their own domain name as well.  We’re already going to the website of our thermostat to turn down the heat or logging into our security system through their website.

While sometimes we will be using our devises to open and close doors and turn on or off our lights the businesses behind the action taken will need domain names and the corresponding apps to go along with them.

This need for more domain names or IP’s on the internet will only drive up prices and make good domain names scarcer.  We will see the rise in price and competition for those domain names which fit the criteria of the ones everyone wants:

  • Short in Length
  • Easy to Spell
  • Easy to Communicate
  • .Com
  • ect

While this may force the industry to open up to new domain name extensions, (i.e. – .asia or .net) I believe the dot-com extension will always be the first or the go to, king of the domains.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Internet of Things, way better than I could explain it, and in a more expanded manner and click on the link to read more in the Harvard Business Review.

We’ve also added Dr. Ferber YouTube video where he draws it out on a big board to help you visualize it better.

So what do you think about the Internet of Things and the fact that your thermistat will be talking to your fridge?  Does this idea scare you our are you excited for your automated car to tell the oven to heat dinner; we’d love to know.

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