Domain Names are getting the Celebrity Treatment

domain names are propertyDomain names are Property Just Like Everything Else

Domain names are valuable and they are treated just like any other commodity in the world so, when domain names go missing or transferred without ones knowledge the police can get involved.

Recently we were watching TMZ the celebrity news show and they were announcing a squabble between two miner celebrities Jeff Beacher the person behind Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and Shorty Rossi from the Animal Planet’s Pit Boss. Apparently these two use to work together and after they parted their ways, Beacher is claiming that so did his domain names.

Beacher claims that when Shorty left, he went into his domain name register and forwarded his domain names over to himself, presumably to make money off them, to hold them for ransom or just to hurt his former partner.

Beacher is also claiming domain name squatting. Squatting is when you are moving into someone’s Trademark Claim with your domain name, presumably to syphon off customers to make money, and it seems that Shorty had purchased many different domains really close to Beacher’s claim and even domain variations of Beacher’s name.

That was just too much for Beacher and he has filed suit. He is interested in having his domains returned, which he has valued at One Million dollars (including pain and suffering we sure) and the domains similar to his name handed over.

There are a few points to this fun blog about domain names, the first is you need to be careful, even with domains about getting too close to someone’s Trademark Claim. You also need to remember that domain names are treated just like any other kind of property and if you make off with them, there is repercussion and you can find yourself in hot water.

We just thought this would be a fun article about domain names but it is actually quite a serious matter, it’s just funny when celebrities get involved and not exactly what we were expecting when we turned on this celebrity news show!

If you hear of any great domain name stores involving celebrities, politicians or other funny stories, we’d love to hear them, you can send us an email or just post them below. We’d also love to hear if you have any questions about domain names we can answer or if you have any ideas for future domain name blogs.

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