How to Find a Name on DomFind

how to find a domain name

How to Find a Domain Name on DomFind

DomFind is the best place to find a domain name for your business or company but, now that you’re here, how exactly do you find the perfect domain name?

Well there are a three main ways to find the perfect domain on DomFind, type a name in the search, find a name in category and the Find Your Domain Now button, all of which we’ll be discussing individually.

When you come to DomFind, you may have a name or partial name that you are looking to find in a domain.  For example you may need or want to have the name “blue” in your domain name.  Whatever the reason, you’re looking for “blue” in the domain name that you’re looking for.  Be it that you’re starting a blues club or you just love the color, you’re advertisements are going to be blue, whatever.

Bryal | domain name for global business

On the top right of our home page, or on top right of every page there is a black box with the words “Enter a short word or partial word” and a “Go” button.  This is the “word search box,” and this will be your best friend if you’re looking for a specific word.

Just putting “blue” in the search box, we have found with several great domain names that include “blue” in different ways.  Below are a few of our search results that were available as of the day I did this search:                            

Find a Domain Name for Your Business:

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You can see that the word “blue” came up in the beginning, middle and at the end.  If you’re looking for a specific word this may just be the way to go.

Another way to search is using our Category list on the side of our page.  This list has specific categories such as, Real Estate Domain Names, Education Domain Names, Animal and Veterinary Domain Names and much more definitive categories but, there are other categories you should have a look at as well.

Kypre | domain name for a international business

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need a name in a specific category rather you want a name in with a type of feeling.  Maybe you want a domain name that’s cool or clever domain name, how about a domain name that’s funny, or a fresh sounding domain name or you want a domain name for kids, perhaps a luxurious sounding domain name, you get our point.

Think about what kind of domain name or company name you need and think outside of the box, my may just be surprised by how a domain name in a descriptive category may just be the best name you never thought of!

Hegly | hegly for a international domain name

I hope that this blog post helped and please, if you have any questions about the post or about finding a domain name on our site please feel free to contact the DomFind team.  Also if you are interested in any of the above Global Domain Names please let us know!