Register Your Domain Name as Soon as Possible

Don’t Let Your Domain Name Ideas Slip Through Your Fingers

Don’t Let Your Domain Name Ideas Slip Through Your Fingers

Normally our blogs are about tips on how to create domain names, developing domain names even what domain names are and how to register them so we thought we would do something a little bit different today.

Today we want to bring you a bit of a warning and that is, as you’re developing ideas for your company, business or product you’re probably likely to come up with several different names and therefor domain names.

Here’s the blog tip for domain names for you, register these domains as soon as possible and if you can afford it register all of them until you decide which one you’re going to go with. We’re bringing this up because recently we’ve had a client who was considering a domain name on our site and when they came back to our site, the domain name was gone and already being used by someone else.

That means these people took all that time, effort and money to come up with a domain name / company name that they were no longer able to use, don’t let this happen to you.

As your creating your business and product names and corresponding domains, snap those domain names up as soon as you can, and as for mentioned, if you can afford it, snap up all of your ideas.

There is a secondary market for the domain names that you’re not using so you can get some of the money you paid for them back.

Don’t waste money and time develop these domains just to have them swiped out from under your feet, buy your domain name ideas today!

If you have any domain names tips or advice we’d love to hear it, either contact us or post your thoughts below. We’d also be happy to hear your ideas for future domain blogs post.

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