How Long Should My Domain Name Be?

We hear it all the time how long should my domain name be? Well, we could keep it short and end this discussion and now. We could simply tell you the honest answer right now: Short! Keep it short.

That said we really want to tell you why it is, in general, that the shorter the name domain name the better the domain name.

First off, the shorter the domain name the easier it is to remember; simple right? As a business owner, you can’t just think about your domain as well, just that, a domain name, you need to think about it as your business name as well.

If you have a long business name or domain name no one will be able to read it on the side of a bus, on a billboard or even on a commercial. People only have seconds to read and process your business name. You need a domain name and business name that when someone sees the name, no matter where it is and remember it. Then later they need to turn around and type it into a browser or write it down. The longer the name the more opportunity they have to get it wrong.

Examples of available short domain names:

Not only do they need to type or write it down, your potential customers have to do it correctl. That brings us to our next point, the longer the domain name the more likely people are to misspell it.

Your potential customers can not only get the name wrong but the longer the domain name the more likely someone is to misspell it. A 24 character domain name has 24 chances for something to go wrong. You could be sending people to the wrong website and don’t forget there are quite a few predatory business that purposefully buy misspellings of popular websites for just that reason.

how long should my domain name be

We know the importance of a .com domain name but just because you can get a descriptive long tail domain name doesn’t mean that you should. Sure you can get whatever .com domain name for your business if you keep adding qualifiers to it.

While is gone,, even is gone but you can always get This one is probably available but if anyone even remembers the name of your company they probably will mess up the domain name.

Your potential customers will probably remember part of the name and type in or and will do the worst possible thing, go to your competitors.

A short domain name is best for your business or company. A short domain name that is easily remembered and is powerful is the way to go.

If you think a short domain name isn’t descriptive enough for your business you can always add more to the company name and not and not the domain. Using the car insurance company as an example, you can get the domain name, its short and powerful and not to mention interesting.

finding the right domain name

No one is going to forget that domain name. You may be thinking that no one is going to know what it is your company does, that’s where you add a descriptive. You can be Byary Car Insurance but just use the domain, Byary. Everyone will see Byary Car Insurance on your billboards, business cards, and commercials but know is your domain name.

When you’re considering a domain name for your company, business or product, the shorter the domain name is almost always better. Shorter domain names are easier to remember and shorter domain name are easier to spell, and in the end a shorter domain name and business name is the best investment you’ll ever make.