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a short and great domain nameGreat Domain Names for a New Company

If you’re looking to find a great domain name for a new company, website, product or just about any new venture we invite you to check out the huge selection here at DomFind. But what exactly is it about the domain names on this site that make them so good?

finding a great domain name for my business

Building and crafting great domain names takes time, patients and skill which is all based on research and practice and that is exactly what we do here at DomFind.

Our team has conducted one of the most intensive research studies on the subject and during our research we have dissected thousands of successful company names and domain names to identify the key characteristics that make these names work.

We want to share these characteristics with you, so that your new venture will be a success as well.

Below are some the most important characteristic of successful domain names and business names and we hope you keep these characteristics in mind as you go through our inventory so you select the perfect name for your new venture.

great domain namesTo find the perfect domain name you should consider the following:

Keep the domain name short – no hyphens or numbers. The longer the name the more opportunity there is for people to misspell it and be directed to the wrong site.

Stay away from odd spellings and domains which are difficult to pronounce. Yes, you can have fun with the spelling of certain words or being creative but don’t get crazy or have spellings that just don’t make sense. (No “q” without the “u” and Web 2.0 names are so last year!)

Ensure the domain is integrated with the firm’s mission. Don’t get a cute domain name for a company that is focused on adult men. Either your clients won’t understand what it is that your company does or they will just be embarrassed to tell their friends where they went to get the product.

finding great domains for a business

The domain name should engage and empower the customer. You need to connect with your potential audience and customers; you had better speak their language. Speak to what it is that they are coming to you to find!

The company name and domain should have a pleasing texture and sound. Sound it out! The domain name should have a certain flow to it, read the name aloud and consider how it sounds to the ear.

The visual design should be unique and support the strategic objectives of the company. You should consider how your domain name would look as your company name on everything from company stationary to billboards to the side of a delivery truck and most importantly as your logo!

The domain name should not be limiting in scope and allow for expandability. If your domain name is “only burgers” you may have a hard time selling sushi. While this is an extreme example, we think you get the point.

The domain should be free of trademark restrictions. Do a simple search with any Search Engine and look to see what comes up. See if someone is doing something similar with a similar name, if so maybe move on. If however someone is using a similar name in a totally different industry your probably alright. To learn more about Trademarking a name or about Trademark issues please see the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

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You must be able to acquire the domain extension. Luckily all the domain names that you see here at DomFind are ready to be used. We own everything on this site and will transfer the domain to you.

Avoid puns and domain names that try to be too clever or too cool. It really depends on what you’re doing with the domain name. If you’re running a cute, sugary candy store it might be cute but otherwise NO!

The domain should have global application avoiding confusion or misunderstanding. If you’re looking for global appeal or global reach then you should stay away from geographically specific references or regional words. Please take a look at our “Brandable Domain Name” section; these names have no meaning so they work across multiple languages and across many different industries, if you want to see some examples of globally positioned domain names.

To learn more from the experts about what makes a great domain name have a look at our blog and some of our other articles, including: What is a Domain Name, DomFind Frequently Asked Questions and How a Domain Name Transfer Works.