Domain Transfer

how to transfer your domain nameHow to Transfer your Domain Name:

At DomFind, when we transfer a domain name to you, it’s 100% yours for as long as you like. You can keep the domain name to build or sell or do with as you like. Once the purchase and transfer is complete, it’s yours.

Transferring a domain name is easy and 100% Guaranteed!

Domain Purchase and Transfer Process. Once you’ve found the perfect domain name for your company, business or product and purchased the domain name, we’ll begin the transfer process. This process is fast and depending on the domain register can be completed in as short as a few hours. To read about the transfer process in more detail, please check out the following article.

100% Your Domain. Once we’ve transfer the domain name to your register, it’s 100% yours and when we say it’s yours it 100% yours we mean it. When the transfer is complete we have no claim to the domain in any way shape or form. It’s yours to do with it as you wish.

Full Ownership. With the domain name in your register, you can do what you wish the domain name. You can build it out into a full website where you can sell products or conduct your business, you can park the domain name until you’re ready to do something with it or you can turn around and sell, it’s totally up to you; it’s yours.

As long as you keep the domain name registered at whichever domain name register you wish, you can keep the name forever. Don’t worry about forgetting to keep the domain name registered, Registers are in business to keep your domain name with them, and they’ll send you countless emails to remind you that your registration is almost up.

Most Domain Registers have, “Auto Renew” buttons that will take the stress out of renewing your domain name, this will just charge your credit card when the time comes.