Over the years DomFind has helped many, many amazing clients find domain names for any number of reasons.  We can tell you about all the ways we helped but we figured that you would want to hear from some of the clients we’ve helped in the past.

With that hear are some things our past client had say about us:

“Thank you for helping me find the absolutely perfect name for my new company. You guys are the best!”
– Silvia G., Australia


“The best prices for high quality domains — no queston about it.”
– Scott Hartwick, Miami, Florida


“ made it so easy for us to find a great name for our tech start-up.”
– Silvia G., Australia


“I can’t believe how quickly you transferred the domain. The domain I purchased was in my account within an hour. Thnx.”
– Alexander P. Qatar


“You guys make it possible for small start ups to compete against big corporations.”
– D. F. Chan, Hong Kong


“I’ve shopped around. Nobody has a better selection of great company names than DomFind. You helped me find a rockin’ name for my company.”
– Zack P., Salt Lake City, UT


If you’re a past customer of ours and would like to talk about your experience, we’d love to hear from you.  Please just drop us a line and we’ll be adding you to past customer wall of fame!

We’d also like to know what you were doing with the domain names you found on DomFind.  For example if you launched a website for your business, started a personal blog, started an online community, we would love for you to tell us about it.

hear what our customer have to say about domfind