Domain Names are getting the Celebrity Treatment

domain names are propertyDomain names are Property Just Like Everything Else

Domain names are valuable and they are treated just like any other commodity in the world so, when domain names go missing or transferred without ones knowledge the police can get involved.

Recently we were watching TMZ the celebrity news show and they were announcing a squabble between two miner celebrities Jeff Beacher the person behind Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and Shorty Rossi from the Animal Planet’s Pit Boss.  Apparently these two use to work together and after they parted their ways, Beacher is claiming that so did his domain names.

Beacher claims that when Shorty left, he went into his domain name register and forwarded his domain names over to himself, presumably to make money off them, to hold them for ransom or just to hurt his former partner.

Beacher is also claiming domain name squatting.  Squatting is when you are moving into someone’s Trademark Claim with your domain name, presumably to syphon off customers to make money, and it seems that Shorty had purchased many different domains really close to Beacher’s claim and even domain variations of Beacher’s name.

That was just too much for Beacher and he has filed suit.  He is interested in having his domains returned, which he has valued at One Million dollars (including pain and suffering we sure) and the domains similar to his name handed over.

There are a few points to this fun blog about domain names, the first is you need to be careful, even with domains about getting too close to someone’s Trademark Claim.  You also need to remember that domain names are treated just like any other kind of property and if you make off with them, there is repercussion and you can find yourself in hot water.

We just thought this would be a fun article about domain names but it is actually quite a serious matter, it’s just funny when celebrities get involved and not exactly what we were expecting when we turned on this celebrity news show!

If you hear of any great domain name stores involving celebrities, politicians or other funny stories, we’d love to hear them, you can send us an email or just post them below.  We’d also love to hear if you have any questions about domain names we can answer or if you have any ideas for future domain name blogs.

Register Your Domain Name as Soon as Possible

domain names for saleDon’t Let Your Domain Name Ideas Slip Through Your Fingers

Normally our blogs are about tips on how to create domain names, developing domain names even what domain names are and how to register them so we thought we would do something a little bit different today.

Today we want to bring you a bit of a warning and that is, as you’re developing ideas for your company, business or product you’re probably likely to come up with several different names and therefor domain names.

Here’s the blog tip for domain names for you, register these domains as soon as possible and if you can afford it register all of them until you decide which one you’re going to go with.  We’re bringing this up because recently we’ve had a client who was considering a domain name on our site and when they came back to our site, the domain name was gone and already being used by someone else.

That means these people took all that time, effort and money to come up with a domain name / company name that they were no longer able to use, don’t let this happen to you.

As your creating your business and product names and corresponding domains, snap those domain names up as soon as you can, and as for mentioned, if you can afford it, snap up all of your ideas.

There is a secondary market for the domain names that you’re not using so you can get some of the money you paid for them back.

Don’t waste money and time develop these domains just to have them swiped out from under your feet, buy your domain name ideas today!

If you have any domain names tips or advice we’d love to hear it, either contact us or post your thoughts below.  We’d also be happy to hear your ideas for future domain blogs post.

What is a Top Level Domain or TLD?

top level domains for saleWhat is a Top Level Domain?

If you’ve been looking find a domain name for your new business, product or even a blog you may have come across the term .TLD or Top Level Domain.  You might be thinking, isn’t every domain name a top level domain or what exactly is a TLD or even, if there are Top Level Domains are there bottom level domains and if so how I can avoid them?


 Where is the TLD on a Domain Name?

First off we must say that whatever type of domain that we’re talking about Top Level or otherwise, what we’re really looking at is the Domain Name Extension.  The Domain Name Extension is what you call the last letters of a domain name, the ones past the “dot” or “.”  This area is sometimes referred to as the “root” section of the domain name.

In the example of, the “.com” would be the Top Level Domain or TLD.

Let’s be 100% clear, a TLD is not a domain name extension, it can be but, there are other extensions that are NOT TLDs as we will see in this article.

All levels of domains, whether they’re top level or not need to have a Domain Name Extension otherwise they don’t work.  If you have any question as to what a domain name is or to learn more about domain names, we have a great article all about that.

find top level domains for sale

What Makes a Domain Name, a Top Level Domain?

In the beginning, no not of the universe but, the beginning of the internet, domain names were divided into three main sections.

These three are .com built for COMmercial, .edu for EDUcation and .gov for GOVernment.

Now TLD’s also include country codes, for example .ca for Canada and .uk for the United Kingdom.

Recently ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has decided to expand what a TLD is to include .info for INFORmation as well.


Should I get a non TLD Domain Name?

The short answer is no.  You’ll see that all the domain names you’ll find on DomFind are TLD’s and more specifically .coms.  We never deal in anything other.

Since the beginning, as mention above, the .com domain name has been set up as the commercial or domain name.  Since then it has become the go to for all businesses.  Over the years ICANN has released more and more domain name extensions, you might have heard of them, domains like .comedy, .xxx, .film, .shop, .gay, .map and the list goes on and on.

find a domain name at DomFind

Top Level Domains in today’s internet

Because of the release of all the domain name extensions by ICANN the original TLD’s have increased in value over the years.  They have become the gold standard, as it were and the other domain names have become what are called Sponsored domain names.

To be honest with you, not to say you can’t find or be successful with one of these domain names but, you are far and away much better with a TLD and if you’re in business a .com domain name is just the only way to go.

There are just so many reasons why a .com domain name is the only way to go for business and all other online purposes, but that’s just another discussion for another blog.

As always thank you for reading and if you have any questions please post them blog and we’ll be happy to answer them as quickly and completely as possible.

What is the Internet of Things

the internet of things and domain names

The Internet of Things and Services and it’s effect on Domain Names

Recently we’ve been hearing a term thrown around called the “Internet of Things” and sometimes expanded to the “Internet of Things and Services.”

It sounded so interesting we knew we need to do some investigatory work to find out what it is they mean by that term and how it relates back into domain names, which is our key focus.

What is the Internet of Things?

The term Internet of things refers to the connectivity of people to objects and objects to objects all through the internet.

Dr. Stefan Ferber of Bosch Software Innovations, writing for the Harvard Business Review states that by the year 2015, not only will 75% of the world’s people be connected to the internet by smart phones, computers and other devices, but an additional six billion objects or “things” will be as well.

This worldwide connection of people and objects is the “Internet of Things.”

Basically when you’re reaching for your iPhone to turn on your hot tub from inside the house, turning on your heat or air conditioner from work, turning on your lights before you get home, this is all part of the Internet of Things.

In the future we’re going to be more connected with more people and even more things.

How will this effect domain names? 

With more and more people going on line, more and more people will be needing domain names whatever it is they’re doing.  We might see that some of these objects or “things” will need their own domain name as well.  We’re already going to the website of our thermostat to turn down the heat or logging into our security system through their website.

While sometimes we will be using our devises to open and close doors and turn on or off our lights the businesses behind the action taken will need domain names and the corresponding apps to go along with them.

This need for more domain names or IP’s on the internet will only drive up prices and make good domain names scarcer.  We will see the rise in price and competition for those domain names which fit the criteria of the ones everyone wants:

  • Short in Lenght
  • Easy to Spell
  • Easy to Communicate
  • .Com
  • ect

While this may force the industry to open up to new domain name extensions, (i.e. – .asia or .net) I believe the dot-com extension will always be the first or the go to, king of the domains.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Internet of Things, way better than I could explain it, and in a more expanded manner and click on the link to read more in the Harvard Business Review.

We’ve also added Dr. Ferber YouTube video where he draws it out on a big board to help you visualize it better.

What is a Domain Name DNS Server

dns servers and domain namesDNS Servers and Domain Names

Recently we start a question and answers series where we’ve asked you, the reading public, if you have any questions about what a domain name is or what a DNS server is or just about anything relating to a domain name.

Well recently we wrote an article, What is a Domain Name and we thought that we would expand on it a little.  For that reason, we went looking for a great explanation of what a domain name is, what is a DNS server and how it all works.  That said, we came across this great video on youtube and we thought we would share it with you.

We really think this video does a really great explanation of the basics of domain names what they are and how they work, check it out:

Do you think this video was helpful?  We’d love to know what you think, if you have any new questions or if you would like to have anything explained further.

We’d love to hear what you thought of this video, are you able to understand domain names now or at least how domain names work?

New Feature, Readers Ask DomFind Experts Answer

DomFind is really excited to announce our new feature: Readers Ask … Our Experts Answer!

our experts answer your questions about domain names


Get Your Domain Name Questions Answered

We’re really excited to be more interactive with our readers and to answer the many, many questions we’ve received.  Over the past few months that our site has been up and active, we’ve had calls, emails and even a few comments on our blogs about domain names.

Questions have rolled in including, what are domain name, how domain names work, how long should my domain name be, can I still find a short domain name, how much should I pay for a domain name for my business and the list goes on and on.  We’ve addressed many of those questions with blogs and articles but we wanted to do a little more.

That said we’ve added this “Readers Ask… Our Experts Answer” section to our home page, toward the bottom, where we will pose these questions with a one or two sentence answer.  This will be followed by a link to a more expanded explanation where we can delve into the subject more.

So, that said, SEND US YOUR QUESTIONS!  Please let us know if you have any questions and my just answer yours in our new section.  Please send your questions to us via our Contact Us page or just add it below in this blog in the form of a comment.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting your questions!

With Domain Names, Is Shorter Better?

ace brokerage - domain name for real estate companyWhen it comes to Domain Names is shorter Better?

We get this question all the time, is a shorter domain name better or is a long tail descriptive domain name better?

I think the question here is, I can’t get the shore domain name that I want, so is it better to look for another domain name that is short or do I just keep adding qualifiers, creating a long tail domain name, until the domain name is available?

We say, and all research agrees, go with another short domain name.  So many people keep adding qualifiers and numbers and hyphens and all sorts of crazy things to their domain name so they get the one they want but it just doesn’t work.  They think the more junk they throw into the domain they are going to get one they like and they just wind up confusing people.

Let’s give an example so you know what we’re talking about.  Let’s say you’re a real estate broker, well is gone so is so you decide that you’re going to try but that’s gone, so is  Many people then think, would be a good idea or even might be a good idea, it’s not!

Town Pick - real estate domain nameFor some reason people get so hooked on one domain name that they’ll do all sorts of crazy additions to get it, instead of looking for another short domain name.

The studies have shown that the longer the domain name the more chances there are for someone to misspell, miss communicate it or not remember it.  Think about each and every letter or character in the name as an opportunity for someone to type the name wrong.  As we all know, your domain name is really just your address where people can find you, if someone types your domain name in wrong, they are just getting lost.

If you don’t think that is a problem, just think, every time someone gets lost on the way to your address, they might be going to your competition and that’s the problem.

People also aren’t going to type, they’re going to type, or they are never going to find you, and they are going to be going to the other real estate company, who will only be too happy to take their business.

So here’s our advice: find another domain name.  There are plenty of other domain names that are perfect for the Real Estate industry.  In fact, we have a few hundred domain names perfect for real estate on our site, all .com and all ready to go.  If you don’t like the domains on our site, fine, there are other domain name sites, just find something short.

If you want to read more about why shorter domain names are better for business we Villas Here - .com real estate domain namehave another article with a few more points that you might want to read.

Please let us know what you think about this article by posing something below.  We’d also love to hear some real life experiences even if you don’t agree with us.

Do you have a disaster story involving a long tail domain name?  Or even if you want to suggest other blog topics we’d be more than happy to hear them and discuss them at a later time.

Thanks for reading!

How to Find a Name on DomFind

how to find a domain nameHow to Find a Domain Name on DomFind

DomFind is the best place to find a domain name for your business or company but, now that you’re here, how exactly do you find the perfect domain name?

Well there are a three main ways to find the perfect domain on DomFind, type a name in the search, find a name in category and the Find Your Domain Now button, all of which we’ll be discussing individually.

When you come to DomFind, you may have a name or partial name that you are looking to find in a domain.  For example you may need or want to have the name “blue” in your domain name.  Whatever the reason, you’re looking for “blue” in the domain name that you’re looking for.  Be it that you’re starting a blues club or you just love the color, you’re advertisements are going to be blue, whatever.

Bryal | domain name for global business

On the top right of our home page, or on top right of every page there is a black box with the words “Enter a short word or partial word” and a “Go” button.  This is the “word search box,” and this will be your best friend if you’re looking for a specific word.

Just putting “blue” in the search box, we have found with several great domain names that include “blue” in different ways.  Below are a few of our search results that were available as of the day I did this search:                            

Find a Domain Name for Your Business:

find a domain name for my business find a domain for my business find a domain for my business find domains for my business

You can see that the word “blue” came up in the beginning, middle and at the end.  If you’re looking for a specific word this may just be the way to go.

Another way to search is using our Category list on the side of our page.  This list has specific categories such as, Real Estate Domain Names, Education Domain Names, Animal and Veterinary Domain Names and much more definitive categories but, there are other categories you should have a look at as well.

Kypre | domain name for a international business

Sometimes you don’t necessarily need a name in a specific category rather you want a name in with a type of feeling.  Maybe you want a domain name that’s cool or clever domain name, how about a domain name that’s funny, or a fresh sounding domain name or you want a domain name for kids, perhaps a luxurious sounding domain name, you get our point.

Think about what kind of domain name or company name you need and think outside of the box, my may just be surprised by how a domain name in a descriptive category may just be the best name you never thought of!

Hegly | hegly for a international domain name

I hope that this blog post helped and please, if you have any questions about the post or about finding a domain name on our site please feel free to contact the DomFind team.  Also if you are interested in any of the above Global Domain Names please let us know!